So Good

It's Gotta Be

ILLEGAL Bakery © 2013

Recipes are where everything begins. Whether it's the newest food trend or a family recipe, we like to always have a point of reference and then try and put an ILLEGAL twist on it. Sometimes it turns out great and other times we have to step away from it. We don't see things as impossible, but just that we haven't found the right solution yet. We hope to mix quality ingredients with creativity, that will bring a familiar flavor to your palate, and have you saying, " So Good It's Gotta Be ILLEGAL."


"I've got the name, but I can't say it here because people are listening. Turn off your phone and let's go to the car."


That is how ILLEGAL was born. ILLEGAL Bakery was founded in a small kitchen apartment after a few glasses of wine. We take food seriously, but like to have fun along the way. We like to do things that excite us, so our passion can be reflected in our products. Things are done a little bit different, unique, and sometimes wrong. We like to think of it as doing things that are ILLEGAL.