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Just like the description says: bad@$$. Keily grew up in the restaurant industry in El Salvador and has worked her way to her position. She studied International Relations at the top school in Mexico, only to follow her passion of baking. With influence from her mother, and working under Michelle Bernstein, Keily has willed herself to master the art of pastry and slowly introduce her background into many of the ILLEGAL products seen today.



He was born and raised in Miami Beach. He would enjoy spending time in the kitchen with his mother, doing some light baking and "cleaning" of the bowls. He attended Johnson and Wales University where he studied Culinary Arts at both the North Miami and Denver Campus. After graduating with his Bachelor's Degree, Mikey returned to Miami with a new outlook on food. Working under local celebrity chefs like Michelle Bernstein and Alberto Cabrera, Mikey began to cut his teeth in the kitchen and develop his skills.

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